WP Scratch and Win Review

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new plugin in town called WP Scratch and Win by Troy James. When it comes to plugins, Troy certainly knows his stuff. So what is this plugin all about and what is it designed to do? I took a closer look to learn a little more and here is what I discovered.

WP Scratch and Win – What Is It?

Basically it’s a plugin that you easily install on your wordpress site, that allows you to create campaigns where your website visitors are presented with an opportunity to scratch off a panel and win stuff.

Check out the demo below

As you can see . WP Scratch and Win is designed for Facebook in mind and offers some great opportunities for users.

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Video Auto Click Review

I’ve just been talking to Brett Rutecky about his new software Video Auto Click which is a software designed to use on Facebook and generate leads and sales. If you do facebook marketing or use facebook as a
lead generation platform for your products, then keep reading this review of Video Auto Click and learn more about what it is and what it does.

Two of the hottest topics being discussed online at the moment is Video Marketing and Facebook Marketing. As you know, video is a very powerful platform and is used by many people in their business projects. FB on the other hand offers a huge opportunity for marketers with the viral power it carries and when you combine
these 2 elements together, you have a pretty strong marketing tool to generate leads, build subscriber lists, make affiliate sales.

How Video Auto Click Works

Ok, so the software is very simple to use and takes literally minutes to get your first video posted on FB and start
sending FB traffic to where ever you want to send them. Here is how.

The first thing you are asked to do is to upload an image, this can be your logo, or if you prefer, you can leave this
section blank and the software will pull an image from the YouTube video you will be using.

Next, you add the video code for your YouTube video, this is the last part of the url of a YT video, something like this, MYajQrtYJVk. Once you enter the video code, you then add your redirect url which is going to be the place your visitors will go once they have watched the whole of your video which is an automatic process. Now, this
is the fun part because you can send them anywhere, a squeeze page, an affiliate offer, another video, anywhere you choose.

The next part is to add some link text. This is for the viewer who wants to just go to where ever it is you want them to go without having to watch the video. After this part, you add a short description for your video which is basically a call to action. After these fields are filled in, just hit save.

Once you save you are then taken to the next screen which displays your video link and the FB share button, just click on the share button and share it on your timeline or where ever you want to post it using your posting options, and that is it, all done. It’s a very quick and easy process from start to finish and you can post a heap
of these videos in minutes.

Check Out The Video Auto Click Demo Below

Ok so now you have seen how the software works and I have to admit, this is a nice tool for this type of marketing. I personally love it and with some careful planning, I can’t see why this wouldn’t prove a useful  piece of kit for any marketer who uses video and facebook. Personally, I love it, it’s quick, easy and very effective.

You can learn more by clicking here for Video Auto Click

The 1K Whirlwind Review

How To Build A List Fast And Free With The 1k Whirlwind

If you are looking to build a list fast, then check out the 1k Whirlwind course from Barry Rodgers and Andy Brocklehurst.

Building a list can be difficult with so many techniques available. Many of the techniques can be a long drawn out process and many produce results less than desired. The 1K Whirlwind system is designed to help you build a list fast and make you money at the same time. Check Out 1k Whirlwind Here

So How Does The 1k Whirlwind Work?

Basically the system came about through trial and error and involves giving away free wso’s to in exchange for people giving their email address. Once a subscriber has opted in, they are sent to a one time offer. With a few unique twists by creators Andy and Rodger, they were able to build lists of over 1000 subscribers and make money very quickly in a very short space of time with the system.

Once you get inside the members area, the guys take you through step by step the whole process via video, so you can watch over their shoulder at how to set up and implement the list building process. There are also case studies of the actual campaigns that the guys set6 up that brought about the creation and release of the 1k whirlwind wso.

Is 1k Whirlwind Any Good?

After going over the course and watching the videos, this is a very simple system to implement. Anyone can do this and the training videos are very detailed. There are some great bonuses and their support is top notch. The only real problem I see with this course and just like most wso’s, people fail to take action and that is a shame because this is a real working list building system that works over and over again.

If you are looking for a way on how to build a list fast and free, then I recommend you check out this course and start building that list today.

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Azon Video Vault Review

Azon Video Vault Review

Azon Video Vault has been created by popular demand and to the specifications of amazon affiliates. When affiliates were asked what they would like more than anything for their promotions, they got exactly what they wanted, Azon Video Vault.

One of the most effective ways to sell something online is through video and no one knows that more than amazon affiliates. I have spoke to various amazon affiliates who use video and they have expressed that they have had a couple of problems.

Some say that creating videos become too complicated and some are saying that they are actually uncomfortable with the video creation process as a whole. This is understandable in most cases and it’s a matter of finding a way past the barriers so that you can use videos as an affiliate for amazon because videos really are more

I have been doing a little research into how this process could be made easier and I came across a new product called Azon Video Vault which solves to overcome the video creation barriers that are stopping most affiliates from moving forward. I like this product because you don’t have to worry about creating your own videos anymore because they have been already created for you.

I have no doubt that you will have seen many amazon affiliate review videos in the past at some stage and you have to admit, just about all of then are pretty boring. You know the ones, just a bunch of slide shows with crappy music, and some text splashed on the screen and if I am being honest, they are not that engaging enough for me.

This is what sets Azon Video Vault apart, the videos you get with this package are not simple slide show presentations. There are actually 2 types of video you will access inside the members area. The first type of amazon affiliate video review is an actual real person reviewing the product. The other type of video you
will access is the whiteboard presentation of the product and they are professionally done. These videos animate all the features and benefits of the product and tell a story, which is fantastic.

Azon Video Vault is the most comprehensive collection of Amazon review videos ever created.  Built by Amazon Affiliates – For Amazon Affiliates! – See more at: Azon Video Vault Review



Video Script Software

Video Script is an online based video script writing software application. It enables users to quickly & easily write video scripts for any marketing video. After users create there video script they can then publish their script as a .PDF, Word or PowerPoint document which they can then record into a video. This is the perfect software for any one who owns a video creation software.

Click Here For More About Video Script Software

I just managed to get early bird access to an incredible software called Video Script an so far I am very impressed with the results. I do a lot of videos that require scripts and this has proved very useful so far. It’s that good, I have set up a video script writing service gig on fiverr, it’s that easy to use.

Let me just explain why this is so good:

You can finally stop wasting hours creating the perfect video sales script, wondering whether it will convert – this software will quickly create it FOR YOU!

It includes:

  1. The ability to capture more leads from a single video (done with the RIGHT script)!
  2. No more trial and testing with different video scripts – the most proven script call-to-actions are all in this software
  3. You just need a few mouse clicks to generate your very own, customized script, ready for your videos to convert!

Fully customizable to your business or industry!

This is a full video script solution for generating powerful scripts quickly, and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately with your videos.

Check Out The Video Script Demo:

Here’s what to do:

1. Sign up to my list and then look out for an  email from me at 7am EST that’s going to include a full demonstration of the software and a tonne of awesome bonuses

2. At 9am EST 1th Dec , the doors will open for 2 hours at a BIG discount off the regular price so be at your computer to receive my email

3. Get access to the software early and then look inside your JVZoo portal for the software and for all of your bonuses, including one specifically for those that qualify for the early bird!

I know you are going to love this software and I am really excited to let you be one of the first to get access! I’ve also got some really cool video marketing bonuses I am going to add into this package that you don’t want to miss out on!

Video Maximus Review

Video Maximus Review & Demo

I just wanted to show you a quick demo of the Video Maximus Software. So here we are inside the dash board for the software and what you are going to notice is that you have 3 layers of research.
There is the Keyword Analyzer, the Video Analyzer and the Channel Analyzer. So, let’s just say that you wanted to try and rank for a particular keyword. You simply type in your keyword into the search box and hit the search button.
What the software does then is goes out and finds videos related to your keyword search term. The software returns a list of results and stats for the keyword from Google.  
You can then take your keyword and check it it out in the Video Analyzer and what the software will do then is find videos already indexed and returns some interesting data on those videos as you can see in the video demo.
The Chanel Analyzer using the same keyword you want to rank for, goes out and brings back more stats on channels based around the keyword. There are some great stats that you can check through that reveals some very interesting information and gives you a better idea of what you are up against in terms of ranking YouTube videos for your chosen keyword.
Once you have finished with your keyword analyzation, you can then start to upload your video to YouTube implementing a variety of settings within the software. You need to add your YouTube account to the software in order to upload videos. One great feature in the software is the free spinner which allows you to freely spin titles and descriptions with no additional fees to worry about.
Once you are happy with your video content and it’s uploaded, you can copy and paste the video url into the softwares pinger which will ping your video to popular pinging sites to get your video indexed quickly.
The software also has the ability to help you get backlinks using the backlink finder module. This is not an automated backlinking tool, this tool goes out and finds webpages that you can manually get a backlink from based on your targeted keyword. In my opinion, this is the best way to get true backlinks that stick. There are 13 different sources for backlinks that the software uses so you get a pretty wide variety of backlink sources.
Video Maximus is a nice software tool that semi-automates your video rankings, indexing and backlinking. It saves some time and does a neat job for the price. If used correctly, I cannot see why the Video Maximus software cannot bring you better video rankings and traffic for a fraction of the cost of most other softwares that do a similar job.
If you would like to learn more about the software, you can do so by visiting the website by clicking here: Video Maximus

Google Sniper 3.0 George Brown

Google Sniper 3.0

Hey, Dave here and as I put together this post for another review, this time it’s Google Sniper 3.0, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years since Google Sniper was released. Boy how time fly’s, especially when your having so much fun with sniper sites.

Things have changed since the original Gsniper was released and every year, George Brown and his team keep ahead of the game with new updates to the training and techniques. This time round, Google Sniper 3.0 is back, even bigger and better with over 100+ hours of new, updated training and a whole new look in the members area.

Here is a quick peek into the Google Sniper 3.0 Members Area


On December the 8th, I will be updating this page with my full and exclusive Google Sniper 3.0 review, so be sure to get on my list to get important updates and early bird news as the launch date approaches. So be sure to bookmark and note the date and hope to see you soon

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Tube Dominus - How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

Tube Dominus Review – How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

Tube Dominus – How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

In this Tube Dominus Review, I talk about a new eBook course that is going to teach you how to become and expert in your niche using video. No matter what your experience level, or your barriers to creating video maybe, you will discover in this course, how to overcome those barriers without having to be in front of a camera and create videos easily and quickly that wil class you as an authority figure in your chosen niche.

Basically, Tube Dominus is going to jump you right into becoming a perceived expert in any niche. It would be wrong to state that you will become a recognised expert, (although not impossible) unless
you go out and buy every product by the top 10 publishers in your niche and study their work to a point where, in your own mind, you are in a position to hold more information on the subject than them. Becoming a perceived expert is a much more reachable goal and this is what you will be aiming for with Tube Dominus.

The course is presented in 48 pages and covers 3 chapters and you are going to learn how to create videos, the right type of videos and captivate your audience using the strategies laid out by Jany Luz Posada, the  creator of the course.

Chapter # 1

The first chapter Jany covers why you need video in your marketing, why you don’t need expensive video equipment and why you need to be yourself in your videos. These are all important factors and once you read through this chapter, you will have a much better understanding and feel much more comfortable when it comes to creating your videos.

Chapter # 2

In the 2nd chapter, Jany covers the formula to creating the right videos, videos that are engaging and get your viewers to watch the whole video. Jany talks in great detail about the type of content and what you should include in your videos to keep the viewer engaged. Jany also covers the types of videos you should be presenting to satisfy the information quest of your viewer. This is a great section because if your video doesn’t give the answers the viewer expected, they will leave your video very quickly.

Chapter # 3

In the final chapter, Jany reveals her persoanl SEO strategy. Video seo is a key part to getting targeted traffic to your videos and getting them ranked in the search engines, this section goes into great detail
using a working, successful strategies including using keywords other than the basic, uploading your videos with the right seo (a golden nugget in this part that I think you will love) and loads of other exciting video stuff that is going to help you become and expert in your niche with Tube Dominus.

Tube Conclusion: Tube Dominus

If you are looking to become an expert in your niche or even any niche without having to create over complicated videos or be in front of a camera and get great video traffic and rankings,
then I recommend you take a look at Tube Dominus to complete those goals.

Click Here To Get Tube Domius And Become An Expert In Your Niche

Turn Your Articles Videos into Gold Article Marketing with Videos & Youtube

Turn Your Articles Videos Into Gold Review

Turn Your Articles Videos into Gold is an Article Marketing with Videos & YouTube is a course on creating great videos by converting your articles to videos. This course shows you everything you need to start creating videos so you can market whatever it is that you’re selling. It includes how a video was put together from scratch and the whole process with free resources

Are you a great article writer but not getting the same results that you used to get in the past ? Are you tired of just continuing to write articles? What if you could write your articles differently? What if you convert your articles to videos? Well, check out the rest of this articles and learn how to turn your articles videos into gold.

That’s exactly what Turn Your Articles Videos into Gold Article Marketing with Videos & Youtube is about. Jeff shows you how to write articles tailored especially for the product you are promoting. You can use this method of  article writing to promote your own products or affiliate offers. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this course will show you how you can use your articles to create videos and sell products.

Even if you don’t know how to write articles, Jeff shows you how to write the most popular types of articles on the web and how to convert these to videos and turn your articles videos into gold. So if you’re newbie, you can start making your own videos. The best thing about this is, you don’t have to appear on camera. All the videos are designed around your article.

This gives you a whole new outlet for your skills and at the same time, a new way of driving traffic to your website. If you‘re tired of article writing and seem stuck in just writing on your blog or for your website, Turn Your Articles-Videos into Gold!!- Article Marketing with Videos & Youtube could give you a whole new way of seeing your article writing.

Click Here To Check Learn More On How To Turn Your Articles Videos into Gold Article Marketing with Videos & Youtube

Automatic List System

Automatic List System Review

Automatic List System is a new course by Lemy that teaches you how to automatically build a list. This method has been responsible to many of his websites generating thousands of subscribers and you can now have the simple system set up within the next 24 hours

Automatic List System : Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • How to build up and running in several hours
  • The Exact Formula for free traffic with proven templates.
  • 2 Ways on how to leverage it to growing bigger automatically
  • Real proven samples on list leveraging

Plus more inside…

The course material inside the course is very easy to understand. I even uncovered a couple of new ways in which I can grow my list much faster , so this was a real bonus for me.

List building can be a stumbling block for may people, especially when there are so many “gurus” out there filling heads with information overload. It’s not easy trying to find the right solutions as most people are just out to get your money.

Automatic List System teaches you honest, doable list building techniques to help you grow your list fast and much quicker than you thought possible and once you have that list, the money is available to print any time you feel like pressing the send button.

The great thing I found out in this course is that you don’t need to spend any money on traffic. What is the point on wasting money buying traffic when it’s the wrong type of traffic and it produces very little results? With this course, you will learn how to build your list with free traffic and the right kind of subscribers that want to spend money with you time and time again.

Automatic List System : The Package

  • The Automatic List System Start Up Guide
  • The Traffic Action Formula
  • Bullet Proof Email Swipe File
  • The Cut & Paste Conversion System

If you are looking to build a list or expand an already list, then the Automatic List System could be the answer you are looking for, even if you are a beginner or seasoned marketer.

Click Here To Download Automatic List Building