Elite Video Evolution Review

Elite Video Evolution Review

Hi Dave here and thanks for joining me on this Elite Video Evolution review. I’m excited about this product because it covers a very important element that many video marketers appear to neglect. The whole point of creating videos to sell products is to provide information in the videos that are designed to increase the chances of the viewer clicking through your video links and buying the product. This is just some of the stuff you are going to be learning about in this new product.

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What Is Elite Video Evolution & Why Should You Be Interested?

It’s a step by step video training course that is teaching you how to create high converting videos and how to increase your online business earnings. In the course you will learn about the vital elements of a successful video sales letter plus more.

Some Features Of Elite Video Evolution

Module # 1 - Pre Video Essentials
Module # 2 - Killer VSL Scripts
Module # 3 - Psychology,Influence & Persuasion
Module # 4 – Professional Presentation Creation
Module # 5 – Swipe & Deploy Presentations
Module # 6 – Budget Professional Video Presentation

Other Features

Bonus – 20 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Bonus – VIP Facebook Mastermind Group
Bonus – 6 Figure Resource Rolodex

Check Out The Members Area

What I Liked The Most About Elite Video Evolution

Apart from the videos, I liked the fact that Rob provided Pdf’s and audio files too. Theres not many courses that take the time to put these together and Rob has obviously covered every angle here by providing these.

Who Would Benefit From Using Elite Video Evolution

Interesting question. This product would benefit anyone wanting to learn how to create better, higher converting video sales letters and generally want to improve their online business.

Guarantees & Pricing

This product is available on a dime sale which means the earlier you get in the cheaper you will get it for. The price for the front end is between $7 – $9.95. There is 2 OTO’s and these are priced at $17.00 which is called Flare Traffic and the  2nd OTO is the reseller rights to the main course and this is priced at $47.00. If you purchase this product and any of the OTO’s you are covered by a no quibble 30 days money back guarantee so you have a full 30 days to put the information  into action and if you feel that it’s not working out for you, you can get your money back.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

I love this course and everything about. As a video marketer, it’s just the sort of thing that I can use over and over again and it will never go stale. The videos are high quality, the training is top notch and what you can learn from this can have a huge impact on your future. If you want to increase your video sales, your  commissions or what ever it is you want your visitor to do after they have watched your video, Elite Video Evolution can definitely help you improve it.


Kindle 1K System Review

Kindle 1K System Review

I’ve just got off a Skype call with Wesley Atkins talking about his new product, the Kindle 1K System and what he had to say about the system was pretty exciting. He gave me access to the course and below is my review of the course. If you have any questions about the course shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Ok, so on with the Kindle 1K System Review.

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What You Will Learn Inside The Kindle 1K System?

  • How to make your FIRST $1k per month - this system is designed to create your first $1k per month online and show you the steps. Then, it’s just a matter of scale to grow your income to whatever you like.
  • How to create ‘best selling books’ – Kindle publishing shouldn’t be hit and miss … here’s how to pick niche markets that you know in advance will sell and make you money.
  • How to create irresistible hooks and book titles that ensure YOU get the sale. Hint: If you understand your market better than your competition — this becomes ‘oh so simple’.
  • Know EXACTLY what you book should contain – plus, the easy way to create your TOC, map out your book and get it written in a few days OR outsource the hard bit to an expert writer for cheap – we’ll show you how.
  • How to market your book & leverage Amazon the RIGHT way to ensure you get maximum exposure of your Kindle eBook and make maximum royalties from FREE promotions.
  • and so much more!!!

What You Get Inside The Members Area

Module 1: Overview & Setup : This module looks at how to achieve a passive income with this course. I touch on mindset and try to get you clear on the goal for the next 60 days without distraction. We also touch on the publishing models that you need to choose between and also how to setup your account with Amazon KDP.

Module 2: Market Research: In this module we start to analyse the Kindle marketplace and look for opportunities for you to tap into. Once you find a niche market that you want to exploit, we then need to understand the audience in that market to create content just for them along with a book title that will resonate and make them pay attention to you

Module 3: Creating Your Book: Now your research phase is out of the way it’s time to start putting the pieces together to craft your book and cover design. With strategies for writing the book yourself and outsourcing guidelines and templates – we’ve got you covered. The most important thing to remember is to keep moving forward with at least one book per week.

Module 4: Listing with Amazon KDP: Once you complete your book, the next step is to get it live on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. In this module we talk at length about the process and walk you through ‘step by step’ all of the options you need to complete in order to list your book. We also look at pricing, royalties and discuss the advantages of KDP Select.

Module 5: Marketing Your Book: Now you’re cooking! You’ve found a bestselling niche, done your research to find out what the market wants and created your book. Now you need to make sales, and that comes as a result of marketing your book. This module will look at the options available and discusses a simple plan to generate ‘consistent sales’ using Amazon itself.

Module 6: Maintaining & Boosting Sales: Your book is up on Kindle and you’re making sales - great work! … In this module we’ll discuss strategies to maintain those sales and boost them even further. Specifically we’ll discuss the main criteria for sales of Kindle books and how to market your book outside of Kindle using effective strategies that are proven to work.

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47 kindle profit boosters

47 Kindle Profit Boosters Review

If you are a kindle publisher and not selling as many kindle books as you like, then in this review, you are going to learn how to boost your amazon book sales with 47 great tips. In this review I will be discussing a new product called 47 Kindle Profit Boosters from Temper Thompson that gives you tips on boosting your book sales.

What Is 47 Kindle Profit Boosters?

It a pdf guide filled with 47 ways to increase your amazon books sales. These simple tips and tricks are guaranteed to improve your sales.If you are nor selling enough books already, would like to increase your monthly earnings, then you will find this short course beneficial.

What You Get To Learn  Inside

Temper covers the vital elements of kindle publishing and gives you tips and sneaky tricks on each of these important elements.  There are 6 elements that you will learn in detail how to do correctly, or should I say, in a way that has been proven to work.

These 6 elements are:

  • Content
  • Cover
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Getting reviews
  • Marketing

Although there are 6, Temper explains that the 4 most important parts in his experience are  content, cover,reviews and marketing but I disagree here and say there are 5, which I detail below and why.

Content: because it’s important to your long-term success and review ratings.

Cover: because people see it first before anything else. It’s what pulls them in & interests them initially.

Keywords: because this is how Amazon promotes your book. Keywords ALONE can get you on the front page of a popular search term like “romance” or “mystery”, resulting in hundreds of extra book sales.

Getting Reviews: because they increase credibility. Having only a few reviews will scare potential buyers away, while having many reviews will give you a huge edge over the competition.

Marketing: because it gives you the kick-start you need. This is what will really turn your book into a best seller.

Features I Liked About It

  • Simple, easy to understand & to-the-point
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days

Some Benefits Of Using This Info

  • Make huge profits in a simple way
  • Get easy passive income checks every 30 days
  • Boost your book sales
  • Successful free promos with thousands of downloads
  • Easily become a best-seller
  • Get more reviews
  • Make a great description that motivates people to buy
  • Higher sales conversions (people are more likely to buy your book when they see it)
  • Finally be able to make every book a success

Final Thoughts On 47 Kindle Profits Boosters

I’ve bought all Tempers latest products and have been impressed with them so far. I am not too impressed with this one simply because he teaches most of this stuff in his previous products. Having said that, if you have never purchased any of his products, then this is something that you can benefit from with your kindle publishing. For the price that it is and what you can achieve with it, it’s not too bad an investment. You can read more on the sales page about this product by clicking on the link below and I would just like to wish you every success with the 47 Kindle Profit Booster course.

Click Here To Learn More & Download The 47 Kindle Profit Booster Course

Social Video Memes Review

Social Video Memes Review

Hi Dave here and thanks for joining me on this Social Video Memes Review. I’m pretty excited about this one because it’s something that has never been done before and if you are not familiar with traditional Memes, then you are going to be jumping into an exciting opportunity. If you want to skip this review and check out some demo videos and the sales page, you can do so by all means by following this link: Social Video Memes Website

What Are Social Video Memes?

Memes are traditionally images with text that form humerous entertainment. These images are created in a wide range of topics and an even wider range of images. There are many of these images that are used over and over again with a different text variation or saying. The great thing about Memes is that they are prone to going super viral and that in turn leads to huge traffic. Create a good one and the traffic potential is HUGE!. Social Video Memes however are the video version which can equally be shared amongst the social networks. Unlike the traditional static image Memes, these are motion video Memes and this brings a whole new ball player to the park.

The benefits of Social Video Memes

  • Boost Your Online Image And Put Your Self Out There As Business Or Blog, With A Very Professional And Polished Video Presence. YouTube And Google Absolutely Love Original Fresh, New Content …
  • Drive More Eyeballs To Your Websites And Offers On The Internet And Watch Your Visitor Stats & Views Grow, Greater Exposure and engagement leads to Direct Traffic, and more exposure to your other items on your Facebook Page, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Twitter, Google+ etc…
  • Social Buzz & Higher Page Ranking, (Google Loves Original Video Content) Original And Never Seen Before, Engaging Video Memes Content, For Posting On Social Media Sites Like, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn And All The Others That Love Video For Massive Social Engagement…
  • An Easy Way To Cut Back On Those Nagging SEO Headaches And Drive More, Higher Quality Traffic To Your Websites, Without Expensive SEO Services! Our Experience Shows That Video Can Rank Page 1 Of Google Within Hours…
  • Greater Social Engagement On Your Favorite Social Sites, A Major Benefit Of Using Our Video Memes Is That You Can Post Video Memes For Inspirational, Motivation Topics That Are Hot! We Provide Memes For Many Topics That Will Attract More Views To Your Posts…
  • Professional Branding, Your Followers Will Always Know That Your Memes Are The Best And Will Almost Always Like, Share And Follow You And Your Posts…
  • Lead Generation, Use Your Your New Video Memes To Generate Massive Leads To Your Business Offers, You Will Find That Most Will Always Like, Share And Follow You And Your Posts, And Generate More Eyeballs On Business…

These are just a few of the major benefits of using Social Video Memes. Each one is easily customizable to add your own unique text. With these magnetic, potentially viral video memes, you will drive traffic your social media engagement through the roof.

What You Get With Social Video Memes

You get a complete set of 20 custom, already done for you, video memes that are unbranded. These are for your personal use only which you can post to your social media sites when ever you choose.

You also get complete training on how to edit and modify the video memes. Included in the training are some strategies on how to best use them which is very useful, especially those who are new to using Memes

There’s also a couple of unannounced bonuses which you will get when you sign up. ( For buyers eyes only)

Bonus #1 - Over 1000 Photo Memes – A Complete Selection Of Over 1000 Still Photo Memes For Your Use On All Your Social Media Sites…

Bonus #2 – Music Tracks – A Complete Selection Of Bonus Music Tracks For Your New Video Memes Or However You Choose To Use Them…

Bonus #3 – Royalty Free Intro Photos – You Will Also Receive A Large Selection Of Royalty Free Photos For The Intro Clips In Your Video Memes…

…plus access to the membership site and facebook group.

Final Words On Social Video Memes

This is a great idea and ideal for those that are wanting massive social media engagement. If your social sites are lacking in traffic, members, subscribers, then I would recommend checking out these video memes and start using them today before the hungry crowd catches on. You can learn more about them and how to download by clicking on the link below where you will obtain further information and video demos and how to download Social Video Memes

Click This Link For More Info and Access Social Video Memes Today

YouTube Cash System Review

The YouTube Cash System Review

Hey guys what’s happening? Welcome to this brief review where I will be going over The YouTube Cash System course. It’s a course by Dan Dasilva and claims on the sales page to have found a YouTube loophole that puts $1800 per week into your account. I love loopholes, only problem is, they get closed down but for some reason, I don’t think this one will. Let’s see what this baby got and if it’s worth your time and investment.

What Is The YouTube Cash System

The system is about making money with YouTube videos. In the course Dan is going to teach you how to create videos easily and get them ranked on Google and YouTube to start making you money. If you don’t know yet but Google Hangouts and YouTube are a match made in heaven and many YouTubers are making a killing with
G-Hangouts and you are going to learn just how in this course.

How Does The YouTube Cash System Work

In the course Dan teaches you a 3 step process. Each of the steps are designed to help you get maximum benefit from your campaigns and by following what Dan is teaching, that should not be a problem. So let’s check out what each of these steps are and what you are going to be learning from them.

Step # 1 – Finding Your Audience & Research

It’s no secret that before you create any video in any niche, you should concentrate on who you are targeting your videos at. The great thing about research is that you need to stay tight within your niche and not try to spread your audience reach too widely. This section is going to teach you how to do proper research and audience targeting to a fine art.

Step # 2 – Finding Offers & Generating Content

Before you even start recording your video, you need to find something to offer and some content for that offer. In this section, Dan teaches you exactly how to find these that both rank and target your audience.

Step # 3 – Creating & Publishing Content

In this section you are going to learn how to put everything together. You have done your research, you have an offer, you have a target audience and you have content for your video, now it’s time to create your highly targeted video and get it published.

What You Get Inside The YouTube Cash System Members Area

The course is made up of just 2 training videos and additional videos and case study that compliment your main training and also designed to help you get things moving quicker. The course overall doesn’t sound that much in the way of quantity but when you consider one of the bonus videos is over an hour long, I think it does
make up for the value side of things. Having said that, the videos are detailed and high quality and the material in the videos is over the shoulder stuff with every angle covered to help you copy and paste your way to success.

Final Thoughts On The YouTube Cash System

The YouTube Cash System is another course that teaches you how to rank and make money with Google Hangouts and YouTube. There are many other courses of similar nature that cover this concept and for my money, it’s difficult to make a real case for any of them. I am simply saying, everyone has a different way of doing things but I can say regarding this training course, Dan offers a few extra twists that I have not seen in other courses. On that note, I would recommend this course to anyone who hasn’t experienced or tried making money with YouTube and Google Hangouts because the system is actually one that works if you follow the training.

If you want to learn more about the course and get to know more about Dan before making a decision whether this is something that you can benefit from, you can get more information by clicking on the link below which will take you to the official sales page.

Click Here To Learn More About The Course And The Official YouTube Cash System Sales Page

Hydravid 2.0 Review

Hydravid 2.0 Review Walter Bayliss

Hydravid 2.0  from Walter Bayliss is the updated software of the previous version which is a mass syndication software for traffic and ranking purposes. Click here to see the official Hydravid 2.0 sales page.

What Is Hydravid 2.0?

It’s a software that allows you to share your content across video, web 2.0 and social media websites. It also allows you to create unlimited video versions within the software so you can post uniques versions of your content.

How  Does Hydravid 2.0 Work ?

The software enables you to create accounts with video sharing sites, web 2.0 sites and social media sites. Once you have those accounts created, you can start posting content to gain backlinks and ranking power which inturn leads to more targeted traffic. The software also allow you to spin your content both in written and video form. You can create endless versions of your videos and you can spin titles and post content so you get different versions to post.

Some Features Of Hydravid 2.0

  • Unlimited Accounts On All Sites
    and choose to upload to one, a set number, a random
    number or all
  • Proxy Support - All accounts are
    safe with the ability to assign specific proxy ID’s to
    any and all accounts
  • Create Unique Versions of Each Video
    Using our unique system, the software can add a custom
    slide at the end of the video and adjust the time of the
    slide (and recompile the video) so that each video
    length is unique.
  • Provide a full report of the URL’s of all
    the videos uploaded –
    Great for adding additional bookmarks and
    client reports
  • Allow Spintax in the descriptions and titles
    – The customer can add in their own spintax – and the
    software will create a unique post for every submission.
    Allowing the targeting of multiple keywords and phrases
    from one video. (more on this in the PRO version)

These features are just in the basic copy of the software .

OTO is the Pro version of the software

In this version, it has the unique ‘video spy’ module that
allows people to spy on top rating videos by keyword,
and also – integrates Spin software (the best spinner
and Spin ReWriter) to allow auto spinning AND creates
Social bookmarks to the biggest Social media sites on
the planet.

 Check Out The Hydravid 2.0 Demo


So Is Hydravid 2.0 Any Good?

I got the last version of the software and for me, the sites were a little limited, I would have liked to have seen more opportunities added to the software and this is something that I mentioned to Walter. I am happy to say that Walter has listened to his critics and produced a much better Hydravid software packed with much more than before.

The great thing about this software is that it has proxy support which means you can use proxies to create as many accounts for your content syndication as you like and all these can quickly be chopped and changed within the software making mass syndication a breeze. It’s easy to use and navigate and with some careful plotting, you can start generating huge traffic and backlinks and improve your target website rankings all at the click of a button.

What I don’t Like About Hydravid 2.0

There are a couple of things that I still don’t like about this software. Firstly, the integrated spinning feature still needs an additional account to use them and this means additional outlay. If you already have accounts for these spinner features, you are good to go, if not, you will have to pay for them.

The other thing I don’t like and only because I am lazy, is the account creation, this has to be done manually, there is no auto account creation feature in the software. Having said that, you will probably already have accounts for most of the sites anyway but if you do want more, you either have to create them yourself or have some one to do it for you.

My Final Thoughts On The Hydravid 2.0 

I like Walter Bayliss, he’s a good honest guy that’s put together a software that if used in the right way, can make a  difference. It’s easy to use, the interface is clean and easy to navigate and it produces detailed accounts of all the postings you have made.

There are other software of similar type available but Hydravid 2.0 has many features that other software don’t have or perform as effectively. In my opinion, the more accounts you have in the software and used with good proxies, I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t start seeing improved rankings and traffic to your content if you use it.

Click Here To Get Your Access To The Hydravid 2.0 Software


Keep Visitors On Your Video Using The Stay With Me Technique

There is a lot that goes into video marketing and this video helps teach you some of the tips and techniques you can use to keep your viewers on your video. You always want to avoid any of your video viewers leaving your page and visiting your competitions videos. With The Stay With Me technique you can use some YouTube video marketing tricks to your advantage.

When you begin video marketing you need to understand and determine what they point of your video is going to be. Are you trying to get visitors to your websites? Are you trying to promote your services? Are you trying to capture leads? Once you determine this you can lay out your video but it doesn’t end there. You need to come up with some sort of video marketing plan to fulfill the plan you have laid out.

That is why we like The Stay With Me Technique. This video marketing tip shows you can you can put a video on YouTube and keep your visitors on only your video. There are two parts to this and the first step is adding in your own end frame or thumbnails. You are almost beating YouTube the punch by putting up your own thumbnails. You can also tag your videos with your channel name. This will help all your other video appear next to the current ones that you have. This is a technique that we use in our video marketing and it is a pretty effective strategy we recommend using.

tube review profits michael harris

Tube Review Profits Review

In todays post, I will be doing a review for a product called Tube Review Profits.  Just about everyone in marketing uses review videos to promote products as part as an affiliate program. It’s one of the best ways of encouraging people to buy products through their links.

This comes from a guy called Michael Harris who has created Tube Review Profits to teach you how to create review videos that turn your viewers into buyers.

What’s In The Tube Review Profits Course

The main product is a 26 page PDF that shows you how to create multiple review videos that convert Video Visitors into BUYERS.

This unique 3 step method shows how to use the power of a specific formula to make this happen. It’s a shortcut to fast video conversions by using a very specific script that naturally makes people WANT to take action after watching your video.

Here’s a run down of what you discover inside:

1.) Show you a special formula for creating powerful product review videos that get results.

2.) Demonstrate a proven way to create high-converting videos that will get your visitors to start taking ACTION.

3.) Structure your videos in a unique way so that they get maximum conversions for your offer.

4.) Implement a step-by-step system that converts video visitors into link-clicking action takers.

5.) Learn how to give people a reason to click through to your offer.

6.) Set up several of these video cash machines each week.

7.) How to write the words inside your description box in a certain way so that people will want to click on your links and start taking action.

8.) Discover the 3 kinds of videos that I create which convert well and lead to multiple sales.

9.) Optimize videos for product reviews were people can’t wait to click on your links to find out more information.

10.) Show you how to create a great product review, even if you’ve never created one before. I’ll show you how easy it is with tons of screenshots.

11.) I’ll even teach you how to get your viewers to click your links, go to your offer, make sales, and build your list.

12.) I’ll show you lots of screenshots so it’s easy creating fast videos to automatically upload to YouTube.

13.) I’ll tell you exactly what to say and show you a script to follow in a certain order to turn viewers into buyers.

14.) I’ll even give you a real example to follow and copy your videos after. You’ll KNOW by the time you finish this course how to do this and there’ll be nothing left to chance.

15.) I’ll show you the exact places to put your links into the description box so that people will click on them and you can get paid!

16.) You’ll get my email for personal support whenever you need it.

Let’s Talk About Upgrades 

There is an OTO and this comes in the form of  the Tube Review Profits Video Series. Below is what is covered in the videos.

Video 1 – Introduction/Overview of Tube Ranking Profits

Video 2 – Learn the 3 Step System that converts passive visitors into link-clicking action-takers

Video 3 - Shows 3 Types of Review Videos that make sales – these are the only ones you’ll ever need

Video 4 – Shows you how to do a Sales Letter Overview of an affiliate product by example – just follow the script I give you. Also, learn how to do this without purchasing the product to review…

Video 5 – How to write the words inside your description box in a certain way so that people will WANT to click on your links and start taking action…

Video 6 - You’ll learn an easy formula for doing Product Review Videos on Amazon that convert

Videos 7 & 8 – Shows you 2 different ways to do Product Review Videos with Amazon and I give you 2 example videos to learn from…

Video 9 – See how to Build Your List by creating simple videos that use affiliate products where people want to click on your links and start taking action…

Video 10 - Put It All Together/ Your Action Plan for Profits

As you can see, this is a comprehensive video series that covers everything you need to know to start creating review-style videos quickly in a variety of niches. It’s so easy to get started that you can have several videos up this weekend and making sales from your passive video machines!

Pricing and Guarantees

Michael offers a standard 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy and test out the course for 30 days and if it doesn’t work out for you for some reason, you can get your money back without any risk to yourself. The front end product is priced on a dime sale so it’s best to get in at the earliest price bracket before it starts increasing. and that price starts off at $7. The video series is priced at a fixed offer of just $17 which is ideal for those tat like to learn from over the shoulder video training.

Final Words On The Video Review Profits Course

For me this course is right up my street. I love video and I love doing video reviews and this course has introduced me to an easier way of creating video scripts and reviews. This is ideal for anyone who uses video reviews in their business and for those that use video reviews but find that the way they are doing it right now, is not working for them. If you would like to learn more or want to start increasing your video conversions and turning viewers into buyers, then you can access the official sales page through the link below to find out more and how to access the course.

Click The link To Learn More & Access The Video Review Profits Course & Start Converting Viewers Into Buyers


Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm Review

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm Review

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm is a product from marketer Kristie Chiles which is going to teach you how to make money as an affiliate using simple videos that are so easy to create, even a child could do them. Click Here For The Official Website

What Is Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm?

Basically, it’s an over the shoulder training course that reveals a case study that Kristie conducted that helped her generate over $500 in affiliate commissions using a secret niche that she tapped into and some simple to create videos.

Is Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm Any Good?

In the course Kristie reveals the secret niche that she used and the affiliate program that she used to make the commissions. She also reveals her strategy to creating little youtube videos to promoting in this secret niche.

The course has only 67 pages but very detailed in every step of the process that Kristie took in making her commissions. She also provides links to other sources that she used to make it all happen.

She provides you with the exact keywords she used, the videos (still on youtube) and the exact step by step blueprint to copy her campaigns.

What I Liked Most About Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm

I guess I like the fact that the course is both short and straight to the point. Kristie goes through how she did everything and then teaches you how to do the same making this a very easy to follow, learn and implement course for absolutely anyone.

What I didn’t Like About It

I didn’t like the fact that some of the links in the pdf are not clickable, some are some are not. It’s just one of those annoying thing for me. Another thing that I didn’t like is in  part of the course, Kristie uses a software to help her campaign backlinks and recommends this software. This is an option and not a must. There are other alternatives you can use and at a much cheaper price to getting backlinks.

Final Words On Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm

Overall this is a neat little training course. It provides a very doable business model that can be scaled up in a variety of niches and sub niches. If you do some research into sub niches, then I am sure there is money to be made if you follow this blueprint.

If you are looking for a simple way to create videos and make money as an affiliate, Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm could be a great place to start to help you on your way.

If you would like to learn more about this course, you can do so by clicking on the link below which will take you directly to the official website where you will find additional details on the course and how to get access.


VidNeos Review

I would like to welcome you to this VidNeos Review and 2015 with the first big video launch from Todd Gross and this launch product is called VidNeos. Todd is well known for his video software creations and launches and I am expecting this launch  to be another huge success for all those involved and it’s users.

So What Is VidNeos?

VidNeos is a desktop adobe air software that combines video and search engine optimization but in a different way from other video softwares. This software can research, analyze, track, rank and even create videos and it is going to do so much more than that.

How VidNeos Works

This is the first software that can do video niche analysis telling you specifically how good your keyword or niche for both YouTube and Google as well as deep analytics for what it takes to rank your video to rank #1 in Google and YouTube.The fact is, VidNeos goes way beyond anything we have seen before becaUse it has some amazing
features. The software can search out trending stories from around the internet and can create viral videos from them, even backlinks. The backlinking section to deliver quality, relevant backlinks to help rank your videos fast. The software can also find high pr, do-follow blog comments and guest post opportunities. So the SEO involved with these videos you create with it is huge. As I mentioned earlier, VidNeos can create quality videos too, complete with custom voice overs and music.

Benefit Of Using VidNeos

In the past, when anyone wanted to research videos and data, you would have to have a separate software to do the research. In fact, if you wanted to do niche research, optimizing, backlinks, seo etc, you would need a variety of softwares to complete the job but that is not the case with VidNeos because you can do all those things from
within the interface with having to switch to any other alternative software to help you get the job completed.

VideNeos is very easy to use due to the easy to navigate and well presented interface, so anyone can start using it immediately to start getting real results.

Key Features Of VidNeos

  • From the creators of AKBoosterPro
  • Adobe Air – Works on Windows & Mac, both
  • Only software program that can research, analyse, rank, and create videos all in one
  • Our Tested & Proven M8 Algorithms for Research that gives your customers the most detailed and correct research data available.
  • Can do video niche analysis and tell you specifically how good your keyword/niche is for both Youtube and Google
  • Only video creation program with built in BACKLINKing that can quickly find relevant, high PR Do follow comments and guest post opportunities
  • Includes the ability to check how well your video is ranking for several keywords at once so you know which to focus on and optimise
  • Includes custom algorithm with the ability to analyse and suggest how to specially optimise your title, tags, description, and more to rank #1 for a select keyword
  • Provides the most detailed and accurate competition analysis for YouTube and Google including number of keywords in description, if their is a transcript, number of comments, and more
  • Ability to spy on the highest ranking videos and steal the tags they are using to rank #1 in YouTube for your keyword
  • A ‘KISS’, easy to use interface with red, yellow, orange and green color coded date to let user analyze data and made decisions easily
  • Ability to create videos with custom voiceovers, background jungle music, HD images and more

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Instantly Research Like a Pro
  • Mac OSX & Windows Compatible
  • 1-click Software, Easy To Use
  • Local & International Market Research
  • Optimise YouTube Videos Like a Pro
  • Create Simple Presentation Style videos

See The VidNeos Software In Action


 Final Words On VidNeos

Having tried out this software, this is really one of the best tools in my opinion for video users and marketers on line today. Todd and his team have made every effort to cover the most important elements of video ranking in this software. If you are a video marketer or use video and want to improve your rankings and traffic then I would suggest you get your hands on this software while you can.

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I have lined up a great bonus package for you. To claim your bonus, follow the instructions on the bonus page. Click Here To See The VidNeos Bonus Page